Novak Djokovic needs a lot of luck to achieve Calendar Slam - Laver

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Novak Djokovic needs a lot of luck to achieve Calendar Slam - Laver

In an interview to AGI, the former Australian legend Rod Laver praised Novak Djokovic. "I am impressed by his abilities and his consistency, he does not just hit ace and volleys, he wins every point from the baseline. At the moment he won only the Australian Open but for him, the French Open is the toughest: if he wins here he is half way.

But he needs to be very lucky, for nine months, avoiding injuries and not going through a bad day" Asked about the keys of longevity Laver added: "You need to love the game with passion, you need to be ready to the match and know the game well.

You need to be ready all the time and have the desire to learn. For example, I did not have the slice backhand and I had to learn how to play on grass. You never have to say, I want to win the tournament, but, I want to win the match.

And improve match by match, getting more confident and raising your level. So that when you are under pressure, you react. When I felt pressure, I was playing even better." On how he lived the final days of the 1969 US Open when he was about to achieve his second Calendar Grand Slam, Laver concluded: "In the last three days it rained a lot, the semifinal against Arthur Ashe was delayed and postponed until two days.

But my game stayed the same. The grass was slippery, dangerous. In the final against Tony Roche, I was supposed to struggle as I did not play against left-handers for five years, since when I turned professional. I lost the first set and I told myself: "I do not want to be down 15-40 all the time, I want to lead 40-15 on his serve..."