Novak Djokovic: 'We were playing in a hurricane'

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Novak Djokovic: 'We were playing in a hurricane'

Novak Djokovic admitted that playing his best possible match against Dominic Thiem in the French Open was not easy as it was very windy and rainy. "Obviously when you're playing in hurricane kind of conditions, you know, it's hard to perform your best", admitted the Belgrade native.

"You know, it's really just kind of surviving in this kind of conditions and trying to hold your serve and play, you know, one ball more than your opponent in the court. That's what it felt like playing yesterday, to be honest.

It is what it is. You know, I played great tennis, I think, throughout most of the clay court season. And here I didn't drop a set until semis. As I said, look, playing against Dominic, you cannot expect, you know, and always hoping that you can win and win in straight sets, but it's highly likely that it's going to be a close match as it was.

As I said, I don't want to point out some reasons or find excuses for this loss. I mean, he took it, he won it, and well done to him. It was of the worst conditions I have ever been part of. That's all I can tell you. What I was explained yesterday on the court in the first set when I asked the supervisor, he came on the court and he said as long as there are no flying objects coming to the court, we're good.

I didn't know that umbrella is not a flying object, which flew in in the first game of the match, but that's their decision. I guess they know tennis better."