Djokovic-Thiem not getting packed crowd was bizarre - Pundit

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Djokovic-Thiem not getting packed crowd was bizarre - Pundit

The Tennis Podcast pundit David Law commented on the Philippe Chatrier stadium not being full for the semifinals match between Dominic Thiem and Novak Djokovic on Saturday. On Friday the organizers postponed the match due to rain, facing some heavy criticism.

“It was a bizarre one and a lot of the time, in the first set it was far from full [the stadium]. It was really weird watching the game in a stadium that wasn’t full for those two players", said Law. Fellow pundit Matt Roberts added: “I thought to begin with the conditions were just wreaking havoc.

It thought in the second set they both started to really adapt to the conditions. There were some brilliant rallies for a two or three game period towards the end of the second set where they were kind of using the wind. Essentially, it was a match with three players."

Meanwhile, Pat Cash praised the Ashleigh Barty's triumph: "Ash is very easy going, very relaxed about it. Obviously, she will be thrilled inside, it may not look like it on the outside. She’s quite a quiet girl, which has helped with her deal with this pressure in the final, she had some sticky moments in her semi-final match, got that out of the way.

She’s had amazing support, she’s extremely popular. Where she has come in the last year is just incredible, she was a decent player and a very good doubles player and the next thing you know, she’s a Grand Slam champion.

She came back, played a lot of matches, a lot of smaller tournaments and made her way up the rankings and started to enjoy it. I don’t think in her wildest dreams 12 months ago, she would’ve expected this to happen, it really is an incredible performance. I don’t think there are any surprises on the women’s side any more, it’s so even."