Boris Becker: 'With Novak Djokovic I talked about strategy but also...'

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Boris Becker: 'With Novak Djokovic I talked about strategy but also...'

In an interview to Sports Senators, the six-time Major winner Boris Becker commented on the supercoach role. The German worked with Novak Djokovic from 2013 to 2016 leading him to win six Grand Slam titles. "A supercoach brings experience in a team, he cares about the mental side of tennis.

Super coaches speak about something that they did themselves. With Novak, I also spoke about strategy but the real X-Factor of a supercoach is about knowing what happens when you reach the second week of a Major. It's useless to tell a player how he gets through the first or second round because he knows it by himself.

Some things get involved from the quarter-finals and they have nothing to do with tennis. It's about mentality, organization, handling the pressure and know what to do", said Becker. On Ivan Lendl not helping Zverev in Paris, Becker added: "I was not surprised not to have seen him with Sascha here.

Ivan, like me, Mats Wilander and John McEnroe, knows what it takes to get far in a Major." On the next generation, Becker concluded: "I would include Sascha among the future champions. Denis Shapovalov has won nothing.

As for Felix, there is something mentally that I like about that guy. He will get far. Winning or losing is not the key, what really matters is how you handle certain situations mentally and for his age, Auger-Aliassime is really mature.

The same thing is for Tsitsipas, his consistency is impressive. Same thing for Zverev despite he has not won a Major yet. At some point it will happen, he is too strong."