Novak Djokovic is a champion, says Petra Kvitova

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Novak Djokovic is a champion, says Petra Kvitova

Petra Kvitova commented on what makes a champion being different than the other players. The Czech made the Novak Djokovic example. "He's a champion. Definitely, I think that's the kind of differences between those players in the top, let's say, 10 than the other players.

It's the small differences. Like, they are pretty strong mentally in the important key points during the match and during the sets. They really know when they should just push it. That probably is making the differences", said Kvitova.

On her win over Magda Linette, Kvitova added: "I think I played the best tennis here today. I think that she played a great game as well. She was serving much better than I was expecting actually. So it was really difficult.

But I think I played pretty aggressive. It was kind of the key to it. I moved pretty well, as well. From the first point, I felt great." Asked about her physical condition, Kvitova replied: "I'm pretty confident I have a day off tomorrow.

That's what I really know. Of course, as I mentioned already many times before, the pain can come in the forearm and I have to retire. I mean, I'm really taking it very positive that I finished the match with the win, of course.

That's really important to me. I'm not really looking too ahead. Now my mind it's more focusing on the arm than maybe on the tennis. It's a bit difficult in the practices before, my arm just getting tighter. I just felt it.

I couldn't really hit it. I'm always worried about the scenarios that have come in the match. So far it's okay. I'm really glad that I can play my game without any pain. It's great to play just two sets, for sure, for my arm.

Is the best what I can have. But you really never know what is coming next. Definitely, this is the game which I showed today. I think in previous matches, as well, that's the game plan which I want to really play on the grass.

I mean, if I'm just pushing the balls there, I don't think that I do have any big chance. With the strokes which I play today, even from the returns already was the key to it. I going to try my best to continue in this kind of performance.