David Goffin shocked by Novak Djokovic: He is everywhere

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David Goffin shocked by Novak Djokovic: He is everywhere

David Goffin was impressed by Novak Djokovic during their Wimbledon quarter-final match. In the post-match press conference, the Belgian player said: "You have to play the perfect point to win it against him. Then he's returning in your feet all the time.

It's so tough. Even if you play well, it's not enough because he continues to play deep, close from the line, left, right. He was everywhere." Djokovic said: "I hope at this stage my opponent feels, when playing against me, that he has to work twice as hard as against anyone else.

I've been playing my best tennis in this tournament in the last two rounds. Especially today second set and third set against Goffin, who was in form, I felt like I managed to dismantle his game and find always the right shots.

Very pleased with the performance." Meanwhile Serena Williams, who reached the women's singles semi-final, said: "I believe in myself. I believe if I'm feeling well, I can be a big competitor in a sport that I love and I've done so well at.

So just the keyword is getting fit and getting back into match play injury-free. So now that I am, I can kind of actually start to, like I say, just play tennis. That has been literally something that I have not been able to do all year."