Novak Djokovic shares what he can improve on grass

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Novak Djokovic shares what he can improve on grass

Novak Djokovic has won four Wimbledon titles, but what could he improve on grass? The Serbian player gave his answer in a press conference. "I'm trying to always be obviously very positive and optimistic about my game, but at the same time I know that there is room for improvement always", recognized Djokovic.

"Certain shots in my game - serve, slice - I think I can maybe come in more at times. You know, there's always things that you can improve. I'm not being self-critical. I just think that this is the healthy way of thinking, for an athlete to always strive to be better."

On the many flowers in the All England Club, Djokovic added: "They're beautiful, yeah. I actually like early hours of the day before the public and the crowd comes in. That's when you can actually move around freely as a player.

That's where you notice how much effort and time people who are working in organization, management here, you know, how much time and efforts they're investing into making this club probably the most famous tennis club in the world."

On the importance of starting a match well, the Belgrade native concluded: "If you're not feeling so well at the beginning, you don't start a match well, you're on the back foot because your opponent is feeling that he has a chance to dominate the play from the baseline.

He was closer. I was further. He was dictating. In a way losing the serve at 3-All helped because after that, Okay, now that I lost my serve, I can actually start playing freely and attack more. Yeah, I mean, probably it was the case.

Whether the grunting helps, I don't think there is any particular rule. But today it did. I don't know. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. I guess it's part of my style.