You cannot change Novak Djokovic's technique, says Ancic

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You cannot change Novak Djokovic's technique, says Ancic

In an interview to Sky Sport, the former Croatian player Mario Ancic recalled his co-operation with Novak Djokovic dated back to 2017. Ancic and Djokovic worked for some months together without getting any major result. "I know Novak really well because we were friends growing up", said Ancic.

"When I helped him, it was more friends' helping at that stage in life. I actually took a vacation from my job when I was working in finance in New York. With someone like him, you cannot change technique, you cannot help tremendously.

It's more like if he feels motivated and ready to fight and deal with all the stuff around tennis. Small details at that level can change. When you try to install some of your personality, experience or something that can help you to get to that situation.

You just help him to focus on what's important. Rafa, Roger and Novak are world icons and they are here to do their job." Meanwhile, the 32-year-old Argentinean fan Ariel Terlisky commented on how he gained tickets to attend Wimbledon, through the tournament ballot.

"I did not get any notification, I started sending thousands of messages to Wimbledon web but no one answered me although I had made the request more than one year ago. We woke up at 3:30 AM to start Queueing. We came there at 4:30 PM, there was a good environment, everything was okay and I started shouting, C'mon Wimbledon, C'mon.

I was crazy and security people told me: "How excited are you" They gave me the 1,670 number and we could enter, I saw Wawrinka, then Leonardo Mayer, Guido Pella, it was great. But I could not enter in the Centre Court.

But I thought that if I wanted to be here, I had to know the Central Court. So I bought a £100 ticket on Ticketmaster that puts official tickets on sale."