Novak Djokovic meets Gerard Pique, shares what they talked about

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Novak Djokovic meets Gerard Pique, shares what they talked about

Novak Djokovic met the FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique on Saturday in Wimbledon. Pique is one of the main investors behind the new Davis Cup that will take place in Madrid in November. Asked what they talked about, Djokovic initially joked: "He said to me that it is open transfer window and that they are ready to change their philosophy and to get good tennis players.

They want me to play on the left wing to Suarez because the level of Messi has dropped. And I talked to Messi and he is willing to sit on the bench. There are other big clubs that are calling me, City and United. Pique came here just to bring me to Barcelona.

That was the only reason." The Serbian, then, got more serious and added: "We talked a little bit about the Davis Cup and a few other things, just keeping it friendly." On his mindset heading into the Wimbledon final, the 32-year-old concluded: "I'm going to be excited and nervous and everything that you can think of.

I'm going to do my best to control that in some way and be able to portray my best tennis in balanced, hopefully, state throughout the match." Belgium's David Goffin, who lost to Djokovic in the quarter-final, said: "Even if you play well, it's not enough because he continues, continue, to play deep, deep, close from the line, left, right. Amazing backhand down the line, as well. He was everywhere."