Roger Federer shares Novak Djokovic's biggest strength

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Roger Federer shares Novak Djokovic's biggest strength

Roger Federer shared Novak Djokovic's biggest strength. The Swiss player said: "You know, how he’s able to defend on that side, which I think has won him numerous matches and trophies. He does that better than anybody.

Nobody else really has it as consistent and good as he has, if you want to talk about Novak and one shot really." Meanwhile, the expert Heinz Gunthardt recalled when Federer defeated players who didn't win Grand Slam titles like Fernando Gonzalez or Marcos Baghdatis in Majors final during the beginning of his career: "Federer benefited of a certain void, the competition was not there.

Guys who managed to play tennis well like Marat Safin, David Nalbandian or Guillermo Coria, lost something. There was somebody in that generation who was very talented. Safin was able to play well for two weeks but then he did not hit a ball for three months.

If your biggest rival is Andy Roddick, that will never be the same as Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal, without a doubt. All of the three have something that you achieve early. Federer did it. You won junior titles and then you are on the pro tour.

Boris Becker is a good example. He won as very young in Wimbledon." "For me, the biggest result is someone like Nadal winning the same Grand Slam tournament for 12 times in Paris. That's absolutely unthinkable.

Djokovic won four Grand Slams in a row and he almost did it twice. That's crazy. And Federer? He could win his 21st Grand Slam at 38 years of age. That's unimaginable too. There are too many topics around and you can never answer this question."