'Mental stability, self-belief': Djokovic shares key for win over Federer

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'Mental stability, self-belief': Djokovic shares key for win over Federer

Novak Djokovic shared how he managed to save two match points in a row against Roger Federer. One thing that probably allowed me to come back and save match points and win this match was the mental stability in those moments.

You need to be constantly playing well throughout five hours if you want to win a match like this. I guess there is an endurance part. But I think there is always this self-belief. You have to keep reminding yourself that you're there for a reason and that you are better than the other guy.

As hard as the moment is that you are in, the more you have to remind yourself, the more you have to talk to yourself. I thought most of the match I was on the back foot actually. I was defending. He was dictating the play. I just tried to fight and find a way when it mattered the most, which is what happened.

In the most important moments, all three tie-breaks... I found my best game", said the Serb. ESPN commentator Chris Fowler: "A Privilege, pleasure, thrill, all that stuff.. to call Federer-Djokovic historic Wimbledon final 5 set final for the ages.

I’m still playing over the (many) key points in my head. Roger was amazing. Novak’s resilience and defiance are astounding. Won’t forget this day." Steve Flink, writer of "Greatest Tennis Matches of All Time": "It didn't have the sustained quality of the Federer-Nadal or Borg McEnroe finals.

But it was a beauty. I would put it somewhere in the top 10 but lower than those two and close to Nadal-Djokovic Australia '12."