Djokovic will be respected more for his fair play than success - Father

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Djokovic will be respected more for his fair play than success - Father

In an interview Novak Djokovic's father Srdjan praised his son's sportsmanship recalling a similar situation to the one happened against Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final when everyone were supporting the Swiss.

"People sees Novak as their idol. He is a living example of how to get impossible results being supported by the family", said Srdjan. "When he defeated Federer in the 2011 US Open, out of 24,000 people, 23,000 were cheering for Federer.

Novak won the match, took the microphone and said: 'You are the best crowd in the world. It's his mental strength. When they shout Roger, he hears Novak in his head. When his career will end, he will be more respected for that than his successes.

His success is a God gift. As a family, we tried to reach God's desire. In the beginning it was tough. He left home when he was 12 years old, almost 13. He went to Niki Pilic Academy near Munich. Back in the day, me and my wife did not have enough money to go with him.

In that place you eat tennis, drink tennis, sleep tennis, you think about tennis, there are just tennis courts. It was an unbelievable experience for Novak. It was a perfect place for him. Niki Pilic is very happy of Novak. He did not make him get carried away. Also, I think living in our small village near a mountain was helpful for his growth."