Djokovic: 'I hope in five years people will say, Let's go Novak!'

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Djokovic: 'I hope in five years people will say, Let's go Novak!'

In a press conference following his win over Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic spoke about the crowd shouting point after point, Let's go Roger. The Serbian player was asked if he thinks that, when he will have Federer's age - 37 years old - the same people will cheer for him.

"I hope so. As I said, if things are well balanced and if I have ability to keep on playing, if I of course firstly still enjoy it, because I don't have any obligation to play. I really don't have any commitment to play tennis.

I play it because I really love it and I have support of the closest people in my life. As long as that's so, hopefully in five years' time I can be hearing the same chants", said Djokovic. "Obviously we spoke about power of visualization and preparing yourself for possible scenarios.

I obviously try to play the match in my mind before I go on the court. I probably could not play this kind of scenario (smiling). I always try to imagine myself as a winner. I think there is a power to that. Also there has to be, next to the willpower, strength that comes not just from your physical self, but from your mental and emotional self.

For me, at least, it's a constant battle within, more than what happens outside. It's really not the situations that you experience that are affecting you, but how you internally experience those situations, how you accept them, how you live through them.