Novak Djokovic: 'I was blessed to become a father. My life has changed'

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Novak Djokovic: 'I was blessed to become a father. My life has changed'

In an interview with Vice UK, Novak Djokovic spoke about how fatherhood positively influenced him. The Serbian player said: "I was blessed to become a father. Personally, my life as a tennis player has changed since then.

Not in a way of not having enough motivation or playing enough tournaments, but entering a new dimension of consciousness and being aware of myself as more than just a tennis player. Now, when I come home I have to leave the racket on the side and commit to the family duties, which I enjoy very much.

And I think that brings me that sense of calmness and great recovery as well." On his Wimbledon final win over Roger Federer, Djokovic added: "I had to have a good defence because, for most of the match, I was on the back foot.

I wasn’t serving the best. Roger was dictating play from the back of the court. So I fought a lot. I spent a lot of time during the match quite far behind the baseline. But I am accustomed to that, I’m used to it. I like sliding on that surface.

I think it has something to do with my childhood, skiing a lot. I guess the amount of skiing and sliding on the snow has adapted my ankles to that type of motion. Ever since that time, my professional career as a young player, I have trained on sliding on courts. I do enjoy it", said Djokovic, who has around 4,500 points more than Rafael Nadal in the rankings.