Why Djokovic didn’t invite Halep to dance at the Champions Dinner

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Why Djokovic didn’t invite Halep to dance at the Champions Dinner

Simona Halep confessed at her return in Romania that Djokovic hadn’t invited her to dance during the Wimbledon Champions Dinner because the Serbian was too tired after his long final against Roger Federer. "I didn't dance with Djokovic.

He was very tired, so he didn't invite me to dance." , said Halep. This happened after Halep declared that she is nervous about the moment when she will have to dance with Novak in front of everyone present at the Champions Dinner: “I am really stressed if I have to dance.

[Kerber danced] because Novak asked, I heard. So if the boy will ask me I have to go. I'm really stressed. But I hope I'm gonna be okay. I'm gonna be fine and I will enjoy the night”. Even though Djokovic danced with the last year’s winner, Angelique Kerber, Halep understood the Serbian’s physical condition and didn’t feel offended.

After all, Novak played 4 hours and 57 minutes against an energetic Roger Federer while Simona finished her final in under 1 hour. However, Djokovic had kind words for the WTA Wimbledon Champion: “Simona knows the game, has a fighting spirit, now has experience as well.

It’s extraordinary to know that small countries, like Romania and Serbia, who are also neighbours, do so well on the worldwide scene”. The winning couple sat at the same table, posed in glamorous black outfits and shined throughout the entire event. Halep concluded her night in a Twitter post: “About last night… (it was magical)”.