Simona Halep: I have to ask Djokovic how he won so many Wimbledons

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Simona Halep: I have to ask Djokovic how he won so many Wimbledons

During the Champions Dinner on Sunday, Simona Halep was asked if she will win Wimbledon more times after conquering the title for the first time last week. "Well, I hope! I have to ask him how he did it. I know it took a lot of work and he is a great champion so congratulations again for everything you have done and good luck for the new records," said Halep referring to Novak Djokovic.

"I always learn from the champions and I try to get better as much as possible and being relaxed on court. I have learned that there is a better chance to win big matches." Djokovic added: "I just love the grass.

It has become a tradition and before, like Simona, Wimbledon was always a dream for me and I used to make this trophy with improvised material in my room when I was seven years old, and I kind of visualized myself as a winner and when that dream became reality in 2011, just before the first finals, I thought, In case I win, what is it that I should do, and it has to be special!

So i was not really creative with ideas so I just thought of eating the grass and it stayed!" Djokovic concluded: "Congratulations. I was just telling her on the table that it was really impressive how she handled herself in her first Wimbledon final against an all-time great.

Serena is a fierce competitor, someone that has won Wimbledon titles so many times before. She was in that position many many times before, Simona showed why she is a great champion and I definitely wish her many more successes to come.

She has got it all: she has the game, she has the fighting spirit, she has the experience and it's really awesome to know that small countries of Romania and Serbia, that are neighbouring countries are doing so well on the world stage."