I would not have liked to face Novak Djokovic, says Agassi

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I would not have liked to face Novak Djokovic, says Agassi

In an interview, the eight-time Grand Slam winner Andre Agassi was asked which player he would have liked to face. "I never faced Djokovic and I do not want to! I played against Federer and that's enough", said Agassi, who also competed against Rafael Nadal.

What was his toughest opponent? "For me, it was Pete Sampras because he played at such high-level rhythm." Would he have signed to become a world No. 1 without being popular? "It taught me a lot. It's not about being popular, but what I learned along the way."

What advice would he give younger guys? "It teaches you a lot about yourself. The most important thing is that tennis is not just your life. I would tell them to work a lot." Asked if he watches tennis now, Agassi added: "I watch it enough to stay involved as tennis is a sport that gave me a lot.

Watching it is easier now because, in the past, I would not enjoy it a lot." On how it felt to find his second career during his first career, as he started running his Foundation and being active in charity, Agassi concluded: "Had I faded off into the sunset in 1997, which I wish you understood as closely as I do just how close I was, you know, I'm not sure I would have had something to go towards.

But my spirit to fight on and to permit myself to quit but not choosing it gave me the fortitude to start to envision what I want for myself. And tennis was such a great opportunity to have that mission become a reality. I don't know why others don't, other than any sport is all-consuming.

It's a short window and a short career, and mine was almost a short career. But the fact that I continued to push myself and make myself better gave me the time to make sense of a few things and then gave me the age and perspective to not lose out on that opportunity."