Bautista Agut: 'Wimbledon match against Novak Djokovic could have turned'

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Bautista Agut: 'Wimbledon match against Novak Djokovic could have turned'

In an interview to Las Provincias, Roberto Bautista Agut spoke again about his win Wimbledon semifinals loss to Novak Djokovic. "In the third set, there were many good moments. I got close to equal the match on 4-3, I had two break points on 15-40 and there I thought the match could change.

He was able to win two very good points and from there it was difficult to beat him." "I think that after playing on clay for three months, I like switching from clay to grass. It's a very particular surface and during the rest of the year there are not similar events."

"I was able to take a one-week rest, I stayed at home and relaxed. After some days in Ibiza, I came back to the normality, training. Grand Slams make you exhausted, now it's time to take energy back little by little."

How does he plan for the rest of the year? "As always. To keep working well, be injury-free and compete well. Enjoying tournaments and seeing if results are good so that I can achieve my best year. I want to win as many matches as possible.

In terms of numbers, achieving my career-high ranking (he is No. 13 now) and being as close as possible to the best guys." "I do not know if I have the game to win a Grand Slam, but to be among the best guys and compete with them, i have. If that's like this, I will aim to reach the final rounds."