Novak Djokovic: 'Dustin Brown is very unorthodox, but important for tennis'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Dustin Brown is very unorthodox, but important for tennis'

Novak Djokovic was asked to describe Dustin Brown's gamestyle. The Serbian player, who faced the German twice, replied: "Very unorthodox in every way, but I think he's very important player for tennis. I think it's phenomenal to have a guy and a character like him who enjoys, you know, every single moment and who is so unpredictable on the court.

He actually has a lot of talent. I think his quality of tennis is maybe underrated because of everything that he does and the way he jokes around and everything, and the way he looks, and, you know, stuff like this. I think he actually possesses a lot of strengths in his game, especially on grass.

I mean, he showed that. He won against Rafa I think in Wimbledon. You know, he's got the game, but at the same time, what makes him special is exactly who he is. I think actually he brings a lot of new fans, I think different fans, to tennis, as well."

On his compatriot Dusan Lajovic reaching Monte Carlo final earlier this year, Djokovic added: "Fantastic. He hasn't surprised me with the level of tennis on clay, because I knew that he has the ability to play at a really high level.

But to do it day after day on such a big tournament and to win against big players like Dominic Thiem is phenomenal, and I congratulate him for the great success. I wish him to have a great Roland Garros. I think it's great for Serbian tennis.

I think it's important that other players from Serbia are also doing really well in big tournaments. That inspires obviously many more younger tennis players to dream big."