Novak Djokovic puts down criticism for supporting Croatia

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Novak Djokovic puts down criticism for supporting Croatia

In an interview Novak Djokovic commented on the criticism around him for hiring a new Croatian coach, the 2001 Wimbledon winner Goran Ivanisevic. "I always try to be open, nice and well educated. I know that consequences of war are fresh, I perfecly understand people who do not have my same attitude.

Me and my family were not influenced by the war and I know you cannot forget, but at least you can forgive. And I try to show it through my actions. In Serbia I was criticized for supporting the football Croatian team but I am not sorry about it.

I do such things being aware. Because I know that with my influence, status and name, I can help to spread positive energy and support. After all, who can i support if not Croatia? I feel Croatians are dear ones for me. I know that it will bother someone, but I hope others respect my choices", said Djokovic.

Meanwhile Dusan Lajovic commented on his Wimbledon success: "I know that Novak has never won in Umag. That trophy is not there yet. He will give me the Wimbledon trophy and I will give him the Umag Open back." Meanwhile Andy Murray spoke about the importance of ATP University: "All of the players have to go through what they call an ATP University - it's basically a two day thing where they talk a little bit about the history of the game, they talk a little bit about how to deal with the media, what you should and shouldn't say, they talk about the rules of the game, the etiquette, that sort of thing.

I didn't know loads about the real history of the game until I started to play on the main tour. When you walk around Wimbledon and you see the hundred years of winners you start to appreciate it a bit more. For me playing at a time when you've got guys like Federer and Nadal, who are two of the greatest of all time - people are always comparing them to Mcenroe and Connors and Lendl (who I obviously worked with) - I've started to take a lot more of an interest in it in the last sort of seven or eight years.

But when I was a kid growing up, no one ever explained, no one ever talked to me about the history of the sport at all."