Nobody can beat Novak Djokovic when he is focused and plays well - Coach

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Nobody can beat Novak Djokovic when he is focused and plays well - Coach

In an interview, Novak Djokovic's coach Goran Ivanisevic commented on how it felt to be an opponent to his friend Ivan Ljubicic who coaches Roger Federer, in the Wimbledon final. "Ljubo congratulated me as soon as I joined the Djokovic team.

Just like when I congratulated him for becoming Federer's coaches. Ljubo and I are great friends. He did big things with Roger. But when Novak is focused, when he plays correctly, no one can beat him. That's what I think.

And you saw that in the Wimbledon final," said Ivanisevic. Asked if he still breaks rackets, Ivanisevic replied: "No... It's humiliating to break rackets now that I am playing on the Senior Tour. Everyone is big and old, slow...

I do not see anything bad in it, because on the tennis court you cannot break anything but your racket. If that's good why not? You come, break a racket, you take another one, you keep playing. Many times the match turns around.

But I can no longer break rackets." On having a central court in Umag named after him, he added: The stadium could have been called only Goran. Because in the first Umag final I was beaten by Goran Prpic. I was looking forward to that match against Patrick Rafter.

Very strong. Because the majority of my happiness against Rafter was shared with the people around us. There are no men from Croatia who did not remember where they were when Goran won Wimbledon. I am happy for another thing. I play exhibitions and that's the icing on the cake, the one with Rafter."