If Djokovic plays like Federer at 37, he'll be the GOAT: Patrick McEnroe

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If Djokovic plays like Federer at 37, he'll be the GOAT: Patrick McEnroe

In an interview to ESPN, the former world No. 1 Patrick McEnroe praised the Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. "I got to tell you. I am going to go back with Federer-Nadal here in 2008, Djokovic-Nadal in the Australian Open.

This one was right up there. I loved this match, that we saw all these abilities from both guys. Federer got a bit nervous at times but how they got back from tough times, put tennis to another level. It had everything. It's a Wimbledon final, there is so much on the line.

Federer will turn 38 in August, he plays that hard and long at that intensity, almost for five hours on the court. Absolutely remarkable. If Djokovic is able to do that in five years, he is gonna be the greatest player of all time because he is gonna win a lot of Majors, he has 16 now.

His ability to stay cool in the tie-break was great. They both know their weaknesses with each other, every sweat they take. It's really about staying in the moment and handling the opportunities. Every single shot needs to be hit with precision.

Watching this match on grass now, it takes more than just two shots to win the point." Are Federer, Nadal and Djokovic the greatest players ever? "I do not think it's ever a question at this point. They keep doing it in Majors.

There were some exceptions, like Stan Wawrinka and Andy Murray but none from the next generation at the best of five sets. They keep pushing each other, it's like videogames. I do not think we will ever watch something like that in our lives again."