David Beckham and Totti praise Novak Djokovic’s football talent

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David Beckham and Totti praise Novak Djokovic’s football talent

Wimbledon conqueror Novak Djokovic was congratulated by football legends David Beckham and Francesco Totti for his footwork during a short futnet session that he posted on Instagram. Novak added a bit of variation to his usual training routine by including a football tennis (futnet) match with his team right on the tennis court.

He decided to post a part of it where he shows off some well-coordinated shots. The Serbian smartly captioned his Instagram video with a phrase that is usually used when a spectacular point occurs during a tennis match: “Point of the week”.

Although the video hardly resembled a professional futnet match, David Beckham and Francesco Totti – two retired hall of fame football stars -, couldn’t resist having a say on Nole’s admirable skills with a ball that was not as small as a tennis one, but not as big as in football.

David Beckham praised Novak’s control of the ball with his left foot, a leg that players have more difficulty with. “Better left foot than mine”, commented Beckham. While David dared to compare himself with Djokovic, Totti resumed at a comment that suggests that the Serbian should have chosen football over tennis.

“Better with your feet…hahaha”, noted Francesco. Djokovic turned the compliment around and slid a little joke as well: “Only left… and with your right, we are perfect”. This was not Nole’s only incursion in the football world as he played in more events including a charity football match in 2013.


Point of the week 🤣🙌

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