Djokovic, Federer, Nadal will keep winning for three, four years - Insider

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Djokovic, Federer, Nadal will keep winning for three, four years - Insider

How many more Grand Slam titles can Novak Djokovic win in the rest of his career? The Marseille Open chief Jean-Francois Caujolle tried to answer this question. "He can win ten more Slams but Nadal can win four or five, Federer two or three.

In the next three or four years, the winners will still be the same ones. I do not see any other guy prevailing. On grass, Federer is the favourite, on clay Nadal and on hard courts Djokovic. It's so close. The mental strength is what makes the difference", said Caujolle.

He also revealed an interesting anecdote about the former Russian player Marat Safin: "The night before his Australian Open final against Thomas Johansson, he did not sleep. He played a fantastic semifinal against Federer and in the final, he was quite sure to win.

Safin was a big genius. Everything could happen to him. I like these kinds of players who are different and unique." He finally commented on how the professionalism of players changed and increased over the years: "In Marseille, we had a disco near the tournament and after matches, players used to go there until 3:00 or 4:00 PM.

It was a different time. But now, even when they are losing, they never go there. They are all so focused on the game. I would not like to be a tennis player now, because it's always airports, hotels, locker rooms... It's always the same thing.

When I was a player, I was travelling alone or only with my wife. Now they are all with their teams. It's not that funny, because most of the players lose more than they win."