Novak Djokovic: 'Financial factor in tennis is not always a decisive one'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Financial factor in tennis is not always a decisive one'

Novak Djokovic commented on how tennis in China has grown over the years. This year Shenzhen will host the WTA Finals offering a record $4.7 million cheque to the title winner. Djokovic, who won six Beijing and four Shanghai titles, said: "I have had tremendous success on Chinese soil in my career, so of course I want to have more tournaments in that part of the world from that point of view (smiling).

Look, you know, the women's tennis has went pretty strong in that direction. They have, I think, almost 15 tournaments I think in the entire calendar there, and they have their finals, Masters. I don't know whether men's tennis is going to get exploited even more in that part of the world.

There is certainly financially a very strong market, and there is a big demand and I think big desire to see top men's tennis players. Beijing and Shanghai have been doing very well. They always get the best players of the world.

So we'll see. I mean, you know, the financial factor is very important but not -- I think it's not always a decisive one. So there has to be the right balance with the other swings of the other parts of the world."

After the US Open, Djokovic will play the Rakuten Japan Open in Tokyo for the first time. That was an unusual decision for the Belgrade native who almost always played in Beijing. Djokovic explained he wants to get used to the court conditions ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games.