Novak Djokovic: 'Just put your hat down and congratulate Daniil Medvedev'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Just put your hat down and congratulate Daniil Medvedev'

Novak Djokovic is not too disappointed following his semifinals loss to Daniil Medvedev in Cincinnati. The Belgrade native said: "I thought I played really good match. Yes, maybe in those games, especially in the third set when I was broken, at 1-All I could have done a little bit better, but, I mean, when someone serves 128-miles-per-hour second serve and doesn't make too many doubles faults and goes for every shot, I mean, you just have to put your hat down and congratulate him.

I mean, he has played amazing tennis from 4-3 in the second set. Not much that I could really do. I mean, I tried to return his serve. And when I had my racquet on the ball I was returning also his serves, but you can't really predict someone or prepare yourself for someone serving that big second serve consistently from 4-3 to the end of the match with making maybe two double faults out of God knows how many serves.

Well done. I mean, he definitely has a lot of confidence. When you have so much confidence, then obviously you allow yourself to go for these kind of shots. I congratulate him. He deserved to win the match." Asked if Djokovic's level dropped because of him, Medvedev replied: "It's tough to say, because I think it's completely normal in tennis where you're one on one that when one energy lifts up, and I actually felt it already at, like, 2-All, I think, or 3-2 for me in the second set, I'm starting to catch the second breath, starting to be more aggressive, and I find it completely normal that even such champion as Novak can feel my energy growing up and so his energy went a little bit down.

I managed to use it straightaway in the third set, also, and just kept the gap that I made during this momentum change."