Novak Djokovic reveals interesting things on draws

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Novak Djokovic reveals interesting things on draws

Novak Djokovic attended the US Open draw ceremony on Thursday. The Serb, who will open his campaign against the Spaniard Roberto Carballes Baena, said: "I think most of the players study the draw, to be honest. Even if they say, ‘Well, I’m just looking at my next match’, but you still look at your section and who is in there and… you scout.

You see how they’re playing, you have your team as spies so to say overviewing all the courts and potential opponents. At least in my case, and I think most of the players, look at the draw further than the first round.

But of course most of the attention goes to only the next challenge, the next match and how to overcome it”. Asked to comment on the draw, Djokovic replied: “Don’t tell me, please. I’m going to study when I go backstage.

I need my alone time”. The former world No. 1 Andy Roddick believes that if there is one player who has a good draw in this year's US Open, that's Roger Federer. As quoted by Forbes, the American said: “I think the draw was really kind to Roger.

I don’t think he’s going to be as sharp in the beginning, but he can certainly work his way into the tournament”.