Novak Djokovic's arm injury can become a big deal, says Courier

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Novak Djokovic's arm injury can become a big deal, says Courier

Jim Courier spoke of Novak Djokovic's arm injury. The American former player said: "It's affecting his serve, not just his backhand. That's the arm he uses the toss so perhaps that's a big deal, if he is not able to solve this.

He was definitely in a lot of discomfort in the match and that should be providing a lot of comfort for players in the draw." On Nick Kyrgios, Courier added: "The challenge is trying to be totally subjective about those thoughts.

People are treated differently in life depending on who they are. Is it fair? Absolutely not. Is it there? Absolutely. The balance is trying to figure it out. For Nick, for me it's very frustrating because he is spectacular, his tennis is absolutely amazing and the amount of energy that he loses by when he gets off track, That's really distracting.

That press conference , is it really a major offense? Let's go back and see some other press conference by players, there is some stuff in there that is very close to be well worth analyzed. I think Nick retracted it in the content."

Paul Annacone spoke of Kyrgios: "He takes responsability, he says, I made some bad mistakes. It's a shame because he played some spellbilding tennis against Steve Johnson and that's what we are all talking about, this is who he is and how he will be.

We have to accept this and talk about the bad stuff but let's also give him some credit for the good stuff that happens."