Novak Djokovic opens up on arm injury, arguing with fan

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Novak Djokovic opens up on arm injury, arguing with fan

Novak Djokovic commented on his arm injury following his straight-set win over Denis Kudla. The Serbian player said: "It's almost pain free. It was a little bit of pain but I am really pleased with the way it went. The situation is much much better than the last match so we will see tomorrow.

I understand you guys want to know. I made a decision not to get into it, not to speak about it. Please understand me. I am very glad with the way it went, I am able to play and that for me is a huge bless because it was probably the complete opposite two days ago.

It has been bothering me for a couple of weeks. I didn’t practice yesterday so I could give myself the best chance to play." During the brief hitting session he had before the match, Djokovic argued with a fan who thought the Serb would not compete against Kudla.

On this topic, Djokovic said: "Just a little chat. He doesn't even know, but he definitely helped me. A couple of guys had a couple of drinks more than they were supposed to but it was all good. Nothing. He did me a favor even maybe he did not want to do a favor.

Big favor." On the Naomi Osaka v Cori Gauff match up, Djokovic concluded: "Coco is definitely a new superstar of tennis and it's great to see her fighting spirit, her intensity, she is only 15, she brings so much maturity in her game for such a young age, it's very interesting.

It's very impressive so I am definitely a fan of Naomi as well, what she has done over the last couple of years. It's going to be really interesting because they are very likable players and girls so they have a lot of fans."