Rod Laver backs Novak Djokovic to get more success

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Rod Laver backs Novak Djokovic to get more success

Rod Laver backed Novak Djokovic for more success. Speaking to Financial Review, the Australian legend said: "He’s in the middle of his career, he just won Wimbledon. That probably gives him confidence to begin with”.

On his career as an amateur and then professional, Laver added: “That got you from A to B, and then the next tournament would get you from B to C; so that’s how you got around in those years. If you came home with a couple of thousand dollars in your pocket after several months, you were doing well.

Not that you were doing well. But that you’d survive. I was fortunate enough to be able to get that experience from being able to travel and played in all the tournaments. I didn’t win any in the early [days] but I got a chance to play against all the best players.

I feel like sometimes you improve overnight. You’ve probably heard that. And that is the thing that I think happened to me. If you’re playing well and then all of a sudden you have to stop, your game has to sort of build up again”.

Meanwhile Serena Williams's coach Patrick Mouratoglou spoke about the American player: "Her injury in Toronto and withdrawal in Cincinnati was not a big deal, her preparation was great, she is very focused. She is in a better place than in the European season because she played Roland Garros being injured and she could not practice a lot.

She was not physically ready. Now it's a different story, she is moving well. You are happy when you still win despite not playing your best tennis."