Novak Djokovic is my guy, says Kobe Bryant

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Novak Djokovic is my guy, says Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant reveals who he cheers on the men's side between Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. "Novak is my guy", admitted the former American basketball star on Friday. Bryant also shared what makes the US Open a unique tournament: "The energy here is remarkable.

I am used to playing and going to events that are just single events, one major stadium, but to be here, seeing the energy, people walking around, aside from the great tennis being played, is pretty amazing." He also praised Naomi Osaka: "She is so sweet.

What a player. It's a phenomenal talent. For the people I have spoken to, she is extremely sound, and her poise is ahead of her years. To stay the course to what's important which is the craft. You have to continue to do better at the craft.

There is a lot of responsabilities." He also published his first book on tennis: "The idea started wanting to tell a story that dealt with the journey of inner emotion. I made it about a basketball team, to have teammates that you need to understand and appreciate so for.

Tennis is the best story for that because it is just you out there." Bryant is overwhelmed by his experience in New York: "When you see in person, the speed is truly remarkable. Their footwork, the fact that they are really isolated, there is no teammate out there that can cover for a blown coverage. When you are in person watching them, it's truly evident. This is my first time here."