Novak Djokovic reacts to US Open crowd booing him

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Novak Djokovic reacts to US Open crowd booing him

The Arthur Ashe Stadium crowd booed Novak Djokovic following his retirement against Stan Wawrinka in the US Open. People expected the Serb to conclude his match as Wawrinka was leading two sets to love. The Serb said he tried until the very end.

"I don't pay really too much attention on that. I like to respect others and I hope the others respect me and my decision. I am sorry for the crowd, they deserved to see a full match. It wasn't to be. A lot of people didn't know what's happening so I cannot blame that", explained the Belgrade native.

Djokovic will now head back to Europe enjoying some free time with his wife Jelena and their two children: "It's different roles, tennis player and father. Obviously going back to be a father will help me redirect my thoughts on something that is far more important for me.

Being a father, husband and having a family is the biggest thing. But right now I'm in an unfortunate situation and I have to suffer the consequences of that." Reflecting on his difficult times due to a knee injury, Wawrinka said: "It's been really tough since the surgery.

It's taken me two years to be back at this level. When I was on this court last year I wasn't really ready but it's amazing to be back at this level and the atmosphere is something special."