US Open crowd should have not booed Novak Djokovic - Navratilova

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US Open crowd should have not booed Novak Djokovic - Navratilova

Speaking on The Tennis Channel, the 18-time Grand Slam winner Martina Navratilova commented on the US Open crowd booing Novak Djokovic following his retirement against Stan Wawrinka on Sunday. The American former player said: "For people to question Djokovic's commitment to this game when he defaulted yesterday, and boo him when he's walking off the court, that's just not (...), we really need to chill...

Because we are professionals and we want to play, we don't want to quit." Jon Wertheim added: "You don't boo this guy, a 16 times Grand Slam Champion, the defending champion when he's clearly compromised.

This is really regrettable. I hope somebody conveys to Djokovic that the tennis community respects what he's done. We love rivalries in the sport, but the New York vs. Djokovic should not be one of these." Djokovic spoke about what's next for him after his retirement in the US Open.

The Belgrade native said: "Luckily it's not the dominant arm, it's the left one so the recovery process should be quicker. I will have an MRI to get the best medical result and diagnosis. In the long term... I cannot guarantee anything.

In sports, anything is possible. Today I did a couple of sudden and quick movements that made me have deep pain. I believe and hope that it will be okay. Tokyo is definitely on my plan but the next two weeks and two weeks and a half will be crucial for the shoulder.

I will be in Serbia, I will train there ahead of Tokyo. I thought I would have retired after the second set. I tried a few more games and in the end, I had to give up. I have been dealing with it for months and only now the situation got worse with some movements.

It happened something that I do not want to speak of. I know people want to know but I do not really like to speak of injuries especially when I lose because it catches the attention away from the winner.