'New York crowd don't forget' -Wilander shares why Novak Djokovic was booed

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'New York crowd don't forget' -Wilander shares why Novak Djokovic was booed

Speaking on Eurosport the seven-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander commented on Novak Djokovic getting boeed by the US Open crowd. The Swedish former player said: "New York crowd don't forget. You see it in basketball and soccer too.

They do not forget something that has been done a long time ago. And I think when you see what Novak did with Andy Roddick, they do not forget. Last night they treated Novak completely unfairly by booing him because he put his best effort, he tried.

But they will get you on something that you did wrong. That's the New York crowd." Wilander had also given his thoughts on the Rafael Madal v Marin Cilic matchup: "Cilic will try to dictate and somehow force Nadal to play defensive tennis.

Nadal will try to take the ball early. The difference I think is that Rafa is a more aggressive player those days and so it will be tough for Cilic." Analyzing his campaign Alexander Zverev said: "It's been a much better week for me than it's been in the last few months.

Yeah, I can take positives out of that. I mean, obviously it was difficult conditions for me. It was very slow out there. The court was playing very low and very slow. Actually the opposite of what would be preferred for me. But, you know, credit to him.

He played a great match. I thought he was playing very aggressive. You know, he's playing well."