Stan Wawrinka confirms health issues following win over Novak Djokovic

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Stan Wawrinka confirms health issues following win over Novak Djokovic

Stan Wawrinka admitted he has not been doing very well after his win over Novak Djokovic at the US Open. The Swiss player, analyzing his loss to Daniil Medvedev, confirmed the rumours indicating that he stayed at bed dealing with flu.

Wawrinka could not practice on Monday and faced the Russian on Tuesday. "Obviously, I regret it. But it's part of a Grand Slam you have to deal with it. I put the energy I had and I would have liked to have more. From the beginning to the end, I lost everything: intensity, movement, clear ideas.

It's more that I lost the match than he won it. I never found a solution. The difficulty was to pick the right ball to play aggressive against an opponent who plays so far from the baseline, with such less rhythm, combining the game."

On Medvedev's potential, Wawrinka added: "he's already top 5, so he's already at the top. Simple as that. He won Cincinnati, he makes final in Montreal, he's in the semifinal here. Then it's tough to say he's going to win 10 Grand Slams or going to win one Grand Slam.

Who knows? But he's already at the top, so he's already a really strong player." On what they told each other at the net, the three-time Major winner concluded: "He just said he was sorry and he really had pain and it was nothing with me. I told him it was no big deal, no problem. He's playing super well and good luck for the future."