Novak Djokovic pays tribute to Tesla after US Open exit

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Novak Djokovic pays tribute to Tesla after US Open exit

Novak Djokovic took advantage of his free time after he was eliminated from US Open by Stan Wawrinka and visited scientist Nikola Tesla’s former laboratory in New York without missing the opportunity to pay him a written homage.

“I visited Tesla Science Centre in Long Island. I want to thank the wonderful people who welcomed me and showed me around. It was so impactful walking around the grounds where Nikola Tesla invented some of the most important inventions that are integral parts of today’s modern society.

He was a multidimensional being that has done so much for this world that it’s going to take many more years for us to realize that. Thank you Tesla. Long live your legacy and spirit”, said Djokovic on an Instagram post.

Djokovic shares the same nationality with the famous inventor who was a Serbian-American. Nikola Tesla is best known for his contributions in the alternating current supply systems, mechanical oscillators and generators, the early X-ray imagining and many others.

Also, he was renowned for his spectacular shows during his public lectures. Coincidence or not, Tesla adopted a vegetarian regime during his late years, similarly to Novak Djokovic – who is a declared plant-based eater.

Nikola Tesla lived 86 years and his inventions played a huge role in how modern-day society works.


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