Novak Djokovic may undergo minor surgery!

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Novak Djokovic may undergo minor surgery!

Novak Djokovic's left shoulder injury is more complicated than expected, according to the New York Times. The Serbian player may take more time to recover than he had planned to and he may undergo a minor surgery in Switzerland for the second time after 2018, when he had a surgery on February to solve his elbow issues.

After his loss to Stan Wawrinka in New York, Djokovic had said his goal was to come back at the Rakuten Japan Open in Tokyo, but he is currently reassessing all the options in order to choose what's best for him. The Belgrade native had a very tiring season, he won two Grand Slams, Australian Open and Wimbledon, and his epic final win over Roger Federer in London influenced his physical shape.

Now that Grand Slams are becoming even more important as the race to hold most Majors is as open as ever, it may not be a surprise that Djokovic ends his season in order to be fully ready at the Australian Open where he will feature as a defending champion.

In a press conference at the US Open Djokovic was asked if the Player Council judged Nick Kyrgios's antics in Cincinnati: "We don't. I mean, as far as I am informed, we did not speak about, you know, fining any player so far.

And I've been in council for, in total, I think, seven, eight years. So I guess the management decides and the board decides, you know, with the department that is responsible for that particular matter, they decide, you know, together I guess also with the tournament because they have to evaluate what is the damage in the particular tournament of what that fine is."