'Federer and Nadal are treated differently by US Open crowd than Djokovic'

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'Federer and Nadal are treated differently by US Open crowd than Djokovic'

In an interview to Express the International Hall of Fame Todd Martin spoke about the US Open crowd booing the 16-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic. The American said: “You have to understand the New York fan is different.

The New York sports fan is unfiltered and I’ll say not in a mean way, entitled. New York sports fans come with very high expectations for entertainment. When you consider all the entertainment opportunities they have, and if they fork around $200 to come here, they want to be entertained.

I don’t think it represents well when they boo somebody who has given them as much as their heart and soul as Novak has over the years. But it also doesn’t surprise me”. Martin also commented on how different the treatment towards Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal is: “I think Roger and Rafa have a different public perception than any two tennis athletes ever have.

So as revered as Serena is, it is not the same no matter where. Roger and Rafa are above the rest. And a lot of that is because of the way they go about their business, every day, every year, on court, off-court. I used to coach Novak, it has not always been that way.

So the fact he had a confrontational relationship with this crowd ten years ago, they probably remember it. Not everyone was booing him but not everybody has the same taste and not everybody has the same level of forgiveness”.