Djokovic: 'The injury is more serious, I don't know when I will be back'

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Djokovic: 'The injury is more serious, I don't know when I will be back'

Novak Djokovic is not sure about when and where he will play tennis again. The Serb is trying to recover from a shoulder injury that forced him to retire during his fourth round match at the US Open against Stan Wawrinka. The Belgrade native said: "I would like to tell when I will be back, but I do not really exactly know.

I check the results of my rehabilitation on a daily basis. I check the way shoulder reacts to my recovery. Unfortunately, the injury is more serious than what I imagined. I was sad for not continuing in New York, it's one of the four major tournaments, so important during the second half of the season."

Djokovic also said he brought a physioterapist with him in Serbia. He feels optimistic about the future. "I hope I am fit in a week or two. In an ideal situation, it would be in Tokyo." Djokovic and his wife met the local children of their Foundation.

"Kids always remember us the happiness and how less is needed to have a smile. Playing and making friends are the nicest childhood memories and the Foundation works daily to leave a mark on them. We are on the right."

Novak's mother Diana, recalling Serbian player's childhood, said: "At the age of 11, he doubted about whether to keep playing tnenis. We spoke and in the end he told us he wanted to keep training. We told him that we would have been with him and that we would have given him all what we could.

We also dealt with issues at school. They did not understand his talent. He went to part time school. And when he entered the sports school, they told us that he would have not learned anything. I told them not to get worried. He was at school for just two days, they called me from school after six months and I gave them a piece of a newspaper to show them what he had won. But they did not understand. We also suggested to make on-line exams, but they did not want to."