Meet Lola Astanova, Novak Djokovic's piano teacher

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Meet Lola Astanova, Novak Djokovic's piano teacher

In an interview to W Radio Colombia the model Lola Astanova spoke about how she started giving piano lessons to Novak Djokovic. Lola said: "We met in Miami when he was playing the Miami Masters, and then in New York during the US Open.

He has a great personality, he loves music, he wanted to do something with piano. I have to say that Novak had a great appreciation for music and when I talked to him he liked it a lot. It happened in a very natural way."

On her mindset, she added: "I am open minded. I was always very open to styles, in the beginning I was driven by the classical music, but now I like the pop one. I like the changes happening in music now." Meanwhile Robin Soderling spoke about how his life is now: "I am still pretty much involved in tennis.

After I retired I tried different things. I was the ATP Stockholm Open Tournament Director, I was Elias Ymer's coach but now I spend most of the time working on my company. We produce strings and balls. It's very nice to stay in tennis although I am not playing anymore.

I played tennis since I was three or four years old." “Roger’s just really calm and if he’s agitated then you know there’s something bothering him,” they told the outlet. “Trying to think about other players — they don’t generally stand out too much”.