Novak Djokovic harvested potatoes with injured shoulder

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Novak Djokovic harvested potatoes with injured shoulder

A few weeks after he retired from US Open due to a shoulder injury, Novak Djokovic went to a small Serbian village to reconnect with his childhood memories by helping local people to harvest potatoes. “Thankful for this humbling experience in Brzeće.

These people are kind, genuine, hard working. My heart is full from reviving some childhood memories. I keep on meeting people that have been part of my growing up and have helped me live my dream as a tennis player. Very grateful and touched.

And I got a few free potatoes as well for effort”, was Djokovic’s message for his Instagram followers. Djokovic carried bags of potatoes effortlessly, so there will be no surprise if we will see him back on the court in the following weeks, even if Novak was pretty concerned about the injury after his US Open withdraw.

"I would like to tell when I will be back, but I do not really exactly know. I check the results of my rehabilitation on a daily basis. I check the way shoulder reacts to my recovery. Unfortunately, the injury is more serious than what I imagined”, declared Djokovic after his short journey in the US Open.

However, the Serbian expects to recover until 30th September, when the Japan Open is scheduled to start. "I hope I am fit in a week or two. In an ideal situation, it would be in Tokyo", the Serbian declared.