Daniil Medvedev doesn't plan to have the same diet as Novak Djokovic's

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Daniil Medvedev doesn't plan to have the same diet as Novak Djokovic's

Novak Djokovic has been on a gluten-free diet for almost a decade. Daniil Medvedev does not plan to follow the same path as the Serb. "My diet is not the strictest. Novak is unique in that. He said it had helped him a lot. I am working with my team and if they tell me to have the same diet as Djokovic does, I will.

What does a sportsman need? Carbohydrates and proteins and not to eat sweets. This is my diet, it is clear it is a little bit complicated as we need to digest everything before you start playing a match." Medvedev eats cakes after every tournament: "Yeah, even if I lose in the first round.

Of course today I will celebrate, now there are only my wife and Igor Andreev (coach) here so we will celebrate together. To be honest we will celebrate in the hotel I think and I can explain why: in St. Petersburg during the tournament the chef Nicolas Lambert sent me some pastries in my room but I wrote him that I am not eating pastries during the tournament but after it is over I will eat everything with great pleasure.

And he answered: “OK, then we will celebrate on Sunday your victory. I will cook a lot of desserts for you”." On the reasons of his success, he concluded: here are lots of reasons but will try to single out just two main one, if I am not mistaken, the first one is I was working hard especially during the last 2,5 years I’d like to say since I was 6 but the truth is the last 2 years and the second one is experience.

It is also very important. In my first ATP season, I haven’t won a match in Masters and had only one Grand Slam victory v. Stan Wawrinka. That match was a bit unusual. Every tournament I play, every victory and every final I reach I gain experience that is priceless. That is what helped me to reach these heights."