Acapulco Tournament Director doesn't deny Novak Djokovic may play in 2020

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Acapulco Tournament Director doesn't deny Novak Djokovic may play in 2020

The Acapulco Mexican Open Tournament Director Raul Zurutuza spoke about next year's event. While Rafael Nadal seems to be likely to play as revealed by the organizer Jose Antonio Fernandez, Zurutuza said that bringing Novak Djokovic in 2020 is still an option.

Over the last two years Djokovic did not play during that week of the season but he admitted that he had a too long break this year after winning the Australian Open, as he showed up again only in Indian Wells in March. Speaking of the Mexican tennis, Zurutuza added: "In Mexico it lacks a great player, a Carlos Vela or a Checo Perez to motivate the younger guys who want to get far in tennis, but it will not happen if kids are not supported.

There are many international tournaments where kids cannot be supported by the Federation itself that many times has no resources. We always tried to support our players, but it's difficult, there are limits." He concluded: "Beating Nadal on clay will be even tougher.

I think he can still win the biggest tournaments, not just French Open. Every Slam. He will try his career to last as long as possible. I remember his maiden French Open title. He had said that winning Wimbledon was his dream. Me, Brad Gilbert and other people had laughed at the time.

But already the year after, he reached the final. A guy called Federer had beaten him. And despite having lost two finals, he said that he wanted to win the title, that he would have done anything to achieve it. Federer had already won 12 or 13 Grand Slams at the time and we thought he would have been the greatest player forever."