Novak Djokovic: 'Retiring from US Open was a tough moment for me'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Retiring from US Open was a tough moment for me'

Novak Djokovic recalled his last month's US Open retirement during the fourth round match against Stan Wawrinka due to a shoulder injury. The world No. 1, who is competing in Tokyo this week, said: "It was a tough moment for me to retire in one of the major tournaments, but I had to do it.

The next step was to assess the injury and see how we could recover to be on court as soon as possible. It's a sort of nice surprise to play here because I was unlikely at some point. However, i played in doubles and the shoulder was okay, I started training again a week ago.

Everything is good, I am happy with how I feel and i am motivated to play here for the first time. I visited Japan for the first time five years ago, but very briefly, one day, and I did not have the chance to get to know the Japanese culture, which i appreciate a lot.

I am happy I will have more time and days to visit Tokyo and maybe other parts of Japan that I am really interested to. So far I only have a positive feedback on people's behaviour and how humble they are. I was welcomed with a big smile and positive energy.

Hopefully I have a good and successful week, playing as many matches as possible. Olympics will take place here next year so I am very happy about it." Djokovic will open his run on Tuesday in the day session against the Australian Alexei Popyrin.