Novak Djokovic opens up on physical condition in Tokyo

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Novak Djokovic opens up on physical condition in Tokyo

Novak Djokovic is looking forward to compete in Tokyo for the first time. The world No. 1 said: "I have a lot of respect for the Japanese culture. We are already thinking about the Olympics. It will be hotter when they will take place but you can see how the court conditions are.

Singles and doubles are different, but you can see how you feel and it's better than training. Even if I lost today, I was able to play good rallies and hit serves, fast balls, slow and top spin balls. I am doing well."

On what's important on the process to recover, Djokovic added: "The player needs to be surrounded by professionals and people who can help him to overcome everything mentally and emotionally. I think injuries happen because of your emotional state.

It was not my first injury, i already went through it especially for my elbow and that rehabilitation process helped me. I need to be careful about some things and some muscles. So that new problems do not appear anymore. It wasn’t the first injury that I had obviously, I’ve been through that experience especially with the elbow – that was probably the biggest injury I’ve ever had. It was helpful approaching this process of rehab with the shoulder, which is still ongoing."