Djokovic tried Sumo wrestling before Japan Open, but failed to impress

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Djokovic tried Sumo wrestling before Japan Open, but failed to impress

Novak Djokovic had fought against other sumo players in a dojo before he started Japan Open, but the tennis champion was clearly out of his league. The Serbian was grateful for the arisen opportunity, especially as sumo wrestling is one of the most venerated sports in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’.

“Sumo wrestling sport is sacred in Japan. I had the honor of experiencing what it feels like to be up there with these warriors”, Djokovic said on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, Novak failed to impose the littlest threat to his much bigger friends.

“I had a slight weight deficit but I was very close to moving the guy an inch. They say they eat at least 10.000 calories a day to be strong and big. Don’t know if I can match that to be honest”, Nole commented on his poor performance in the dojo.

Even if sumo has no tangency with tennis, Djokovic declared that he is a long time fan of the sport and that he even has a favorite player. “I remember following sumo during the 90s at home in Serbia with my dad and brothers and especially supporting Akebono Yokozuna.

Where is he now so I can show him how big I became”, said Djokovic. The Serbian enjoys his time in Tokyo. On the same day, besides spending time among sumo players, he gave autographs and received a drawing of his face from a fan. Given this, we shall see a good run from Novak in Tokyo.