Novak Djokovic impressed by the Japanese tennis

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Novak Djokovic impressed by the Japanese tennis

Novak Djokovic spoke about the successes of Japanese tennis. The Serbian player said: “It’s impressive. Taro Daniel made an impressive win against Coric. Go Soeda beat Struff in the first round. Playing at home is always extra motivation, so I’m sure that all the Japanese players feel inspired to play their best tennis.

That’s something that I’m expecting from Soeda tomorrow. For the tournament, obviously it’s very positive to have a representation of Japanese players in the tournament, round to round. The deeper they go, the better it is for the tournament, the better it is for the fans, for sponsors, for anybody.

I see only positives there”. Daniel added: “You’ve got to try to keep a healthy competition instead of jealousy. There are times I do feel a little frightened that they’re going to pass me [in the ATP Rankings], but in the end it’s for the greater good of the sport in the country.

It’s a very positive thing and I think we all get along really well… I’m really glad that we’re all doing well this week. I like that [we can watch each other] because I don’t think in other sports you can’t really go watch other people’s matches on the court or on the stadium.

In tennis you can do that, you can learn from the matches you’re watching and also support people that are closer to you. That’s pretty cool”.