Ivanisevic recalls the first time he trained with 13-year-old Djokovic

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Ivanisevic recalls the first time he trained with 13-year-old Djokovic

The former Croatian player Goran Ivanisevic is competing in this weekend's Legends Cup in Mallorca. In an interview to Mallorca Zeitung he was asked about his expectations ahead of the Spanish tournament. "Honestly I have no expectations.

It's my first tournament in Mallorca. I want to spend a nice moment on the island. David Ferrer is a player who ended his career a few months ago. On the senior tour, a 11-year difference is a lot. I have no chances against him.

He can still move pretty well. I got to an age where everything hurts. But it doesn't mean that I give up without fighting. I will give everything. I still have it! I can serve well and hit a strong forehand." Asked how he won Wimbledon by being a wild card player, Ivanisevic replied: "That's a good question.

Sometimes I look back at the time and I still cannot believe I won. I was world No. 128 and I had not played for a long time. What happened over these 15 days, I cannot explain it. Those have been my best days in career. I do not believe there will ever be another player winning a Major with a wild card."

On Novak Djokovic, Ivanisevic concluded: "I had met him the year before. He was in the Niki Pilic tennis academy in Munich. Niki told me there was a 13-year-old kid who could have been the best in the world one day and asked me if I could play with him.

I spent one hour training with him and then he gave me a chocolate. Years after, Niki's prediction was confirmed and now I am his coach."