Novak Djokovic: 'Losses make you learn more than wins'

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Novak Djokovic: 'Losses make you learn more than wins'

Novak Djokovic spoke about the differences between a loss and a win. The Serb said: "There is more to learn from a loss than a win. If you lose in a tennis match, the bad side will come out. You can call it a failure, but I think it's a lesson.

You can come out from the darkness and become stronger. One of my mottos is to always believe in myself. Believing gives me wings and strength. A Serbian kid who became a tennis champion, I dreamed of becoming a champion but I had tough moments because it was a country without any tennis tradition, but my dreams did not change."

On the wheelchair event that takes place in Tokyo, he added: "I think it's great. They are real heroes, they switch their disabilities to advantage and encouraging the others. I played with Shingo Kunieda and Andy Rapson and with Andy I played from the wheelchair, it was very difficult.

I felt like my hand was firing keeping the wheel, I respected it more and more and it was an inspiration." On what makes Djokovic a difficult opponent, Mikhail Youzhny said: "It's tough. We have to ‑‑ every point you have to play.

He never misses. He never gives you some presents. Okay, maybe one, two, but not a consistent one. Every point you have to win against him. But every new match you will think maybe this match you're going to beat him. But these guys play more consistent.

If maybe some players can play the same free games one set, one match, play in a really high level all year, not only one, two matches, one, two tournaments. They play all year like this one. So, of course, they lose sometimes because everybody losing, but I think it's a little bit another level. But anyway, when we gonna play against these guys, you really believe you can beat him."