Millman: 'Djokovic is one of the greatest. He has racked up so many titles'

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Millman: 'Djokovic is one of the greatest. He has racked up so many titles'

John Millman shared what makes Novak Djokovic a special and great player. The Australian, who faced the Serb in the Tokyo final, said: “Novak is really tough. He’s obviously one of the greatest players to have played this sport, in my opinion, in the history of the game.

He’s racked up so many titles, so many victories, and he’s just an incredibly tough player,” Millman said. “But I’m in the final, I’ve had to go through qualies, I’ve had to play many matches to get here.

I really do feel as if I’m deserving of my spot. I hope to bring my best tennis, a physical brand of tennis, and really just give it all just for one more match”. Looking at the Japan Open matches during the week, Millman noticed that tennis is as balanced as ever.

“I think it goes to show just how strong men’s tennis is right now. It’s ultra competitive. Every single match has been a bit of a battle, and it’s special. Sometimes you’ve got to ride your luck a little bit and take those chances.

It’s opened up for me and I think every match I’ve gotten better and better. I’ve gotten more used to the conditions out there and it really helps when you’re very comfortable in a country. I’m very comfortable here.

[Japan has] always been a country where I’ve felt very much at ease coming here. The people make it a really special place and it’s pretty cool that I get to play one more match, and that’s the final”.